local purveyors

Whenever possible, we source our ingredients from farms and ranches, mountains and rivers in Colorado. By collaborating locally, we can enrich our community, the quality of our food, and your dining experience.

Aspen Moon Farm

Hygiene, CO

A certified Organic and Biodynamic Farm and Farmers Market offering a variety of produce.


Growing Eco Culture

Lyons, Colorado

Growing Eco Culture is a farm and permaculture community located on Apple Valley Road. Here, local Food Revolutionaries are pioneering such programs as "Produce Salvage" where they work with "big business" grocery stores in the area to salvage their bumped, bruised, and day-old produce from the fate of a landfill and instead, make it available to their fellow food lovers.

Stone bridge farm

Lyons, CO

Community Supported Agriculture, producing fruits and vegetables through community organization.


Eagle Canyon Farm

Lyons, Colorado

Eagle Canyon Farm is a local source for natural, unpasteurized milk as well as produce, poultry, and pork, all raised naturally and sustainably in the heart of lovely Lyons, CO.

Rocky mountain fresh

Colorado Front Range

A collaborative local farming group aimed at bringing quality fresh produce directly to the consumer.


Boulder Lamb & Meats

Boulder, Colorado

The Buckner Family raises lamb, pork, and beef on the belief that the combination of breed, grass fed diet, and the stress free environment of the open Colorado front range prairies produces superior quality in the meats they raise.