our Ingredients

Whenever possible, we source our ingredients from our home soil, ever seeking to broaden our network of Coloradans sustainably raising animals and produce.

Lyons raised lamb chops and colorful carrots, sage and mint from Hygiene.


We love to frequent farmers markets all along the front range, as well as make house calls on local farmers to find the purest, freshest ingredients.


Whenever possible, we love to harvest ingredients directly from nature. From chanterelle mushrooms, to fiddle head ferns, to freshly caught trout. We can by no means rely on this for a steady supply, but we love to feature these ingredients when they're available.


So much produce is thrown away into landfills every day from grocery stores and large scale food purveyors because it's bumped, bruised, or day old. Through our local network of food revolutionaries, we aim to salvage some of these ingredients and put them to good use. Potatoes and root veggies that can still be deliciously roasted, or greens to be wilted with salt, pepper, and olive oil, are just a few examples. 

ugly veg needs love too.